<center>LA PAPAYA<br>JUAN PENA</center>
    <center>LA PAPAYA<br>JUAN PENA</center>


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What's Interesting

We are super excited to offer our first Equador coffee. We have been hunting coffee from Equador for quite some time and manage to get small amount of Juan Pena coffee. For those who don't know Juan Pena, he was nominated as notable coffee producer by Sprudge. We heard about Juan Pena when US Barista Champion 2018 used his coffee for his competition. Juan Pena was a flower gardener turned to coffee when a massive off-season rainstorm destroyed the plants. He decided to plant coffee and start to plant Typica varietals coffee. Using his knowledge as gardener, Juan utilize his skill to growing coffee by applying unique techninc where he will individually fertilizes each plant through a complicated irrigation system. This will cause the coffee always at the peak of production and produce complex flavors.

Typica Mejorado is a kind of Typica varietal which is native to local. Growing at high 2000msal elevation make this Typica looks different from normal Typica that we have encountered. The physical appearance of this coffee is smaller than typical Typica. Somehow it more to Bourbon coffee size but with oval shaped bean.

How To Brew

This coffee has similar trait like Geisha. Floral, creamy body, slightly winey for natural process and delicate acidity. We choose Origami for a balance cup since light flavors coffee taste best with balance cup profile. Using our normal brewing recipe this coffee offer super delicate flavors and finishing. The aroma full a bouquet of flower smell and coffee blossom. Floral aroma and creamy texture is prominent when it is hot. We tasted sweet blueberries and chocolate. The coffee developed more interesting flavors as it cools down such as coffee blossom, winey and corn sweetness. This coffee will taste excellent using any brewing method. It has enough solubility at different speed of extraction. Just make sure get the right grind size and you good to go.