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What's Interesting

Luis Alberto certainly has a lot of beautiful coffee from his coffee garden. The Latest harvest we are fortunate to get our hands on several his coffee. This particular is so interesting. We bought lots of Timor hybrid coffee in our past selection and begin see a pattern on any related cross varietal with Timor varietal. Timor varietal has arabica and robusta gene which make is robust arabica varietal that can easily adapt in difficult environment. Common varietal like Caturra or Typica prone to leaf rust, that's when researcher came with new hybrid varietal like ParainemaCatimorLempira etc. to combat coffee plant disease and coffee borer attack.

However, in many cases these new hybrid varietal is produce decent cup coffee quality but not superior quality. We noticed on average Timor hybrid varietal with fully washed process still has trait of robusta taste. During cupping, we still smell the herbal fragrance, aroma, or sometimes we do pickup herbal tasting notes. Think totally different when it processes with natural of honey process. The cup quality drastically improved and make these coffees more enjoyable to drink. The herbal notes is gone and replace with better fruits flavours and rounded texture. This is what we experience with Luis Alberto Catimor Natural. We never taste such a gentle flavours come from Catimor coffee. He definitely knows to process his coffee. Mad respect to such an excellent coffee producer.

Roaster Notes

We try our best to avoid Timor hybrid varietal especially fully washed coffee. Nothing against it, we just often to get herbal / robusta sensation during cupping. After cup different kind of Timor hybrid varietal we learnt a Timor hybrid varietal is not necessarily a 'unpleasant' coffee, but it needs certain process method to let the quality shine. We learnt it first with Luis Alberto Asseradero Lot Catimor Natural coffee. Surprisingly with natural process it is able to hide the 'robusta' sensation and create a sweet citrus flavours. We really enjoy tasting some good flavours notes such as pear, sweet plum and melon. The acidity is not too sharp and body is smooth. After all it might not be a fancy coffee varietal, but we learnt we start to understand how crucial it is to choose suitable processing method for certain coffee varietal. No wonder we really enjoy fully washed Pink Bourbon and for Catimor, natural process is the best way to go.

- Helmi -