<center>LUIS ALBERTO</br>EL SALVADOR LOT</center>


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What's Interesting

The man! Luis Alberto a legend, a true pioneer, an excellent coffee farmer. We always thrilled to have his coffee back in our offering. If you are big fan of Arkib Kopi, his coffee is not foreign to you. We have brought in his coffee for straight 2 years and this is our 3rd times having his coffee back in our offering. This particular coffee came from his famous winning COE farm Un Regalo Dios. This coffee is one of the lot in Un Regalo Dios called El Salvador Lot. It is a small lot of honey process Pacamara varietal.

We bought many lots from Un Regalo Dios, and we love each of the coffee that we bought. El Salvador particularly shine with honey process and suitable for juicy acidity varietal like Pacamara. It is also one of favorite process  chooses by farmer for complex cup profile and stability in cup quality. Likewise, we thrilled to roast any Pacamara moreover from Luis Alberto farm.

Roaster Notes

Balance Central America coffee! That's my final thought on this coffee. While most of fully washed or honey process Pacamara that we cup tend to have super tangerine acidity, Luis Alberto honey processed was 'shaped' nicely into red cherries and tamarind slices. The citrus intensity is medium  and rounded which give you a gentle citrus red cherries taste on your tongue. As it cools down, the acidity quality begin shifting into malic quality with tamarind slice taste.

Pacamara usually desired by coffee buyer for herbal aftertaste and chocolaty body. El Salvador Lot pacamara give a bit surprised with clean body and sweetness like panela. It is smooth texture and slightly chewy. Both acidity and body quality come in harmony to make it such enjoyable coffee to drink. We are just lucky coffee roaster to be able roasting this beautiful coffee.

- Helmi -