<center>LUIS ALBERTO</br>LA ROTONDO LOT 2488</center>


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What's Interesting

The man! Luis Alberto a legend, a true pioneer, an excellent coffee farmer. We always thrilled to have his coffee back in our offering. If you are big fan of Arkib Kopi, his coffee is not foreign to you. We have brought in his coffee for straight 2 years and this is our 3rd times having his coffee back in our offering. This particular coffee came from one of his famous farm La Bendicion. Our first Pacamara from Luis Alberto came from this farm. It is so good to keep see familiar coffee back in our offering.

Production during in coffee harvest can be varied. For specialty coffee grade, cherry picker will pick ripe cherries on daily basis. Meaning not all coffee cherries will be process within same time frame. Plus due to big size of coffee farm, producer will harvest their coffee based on plot. This coffee came from small plot in La Bendicion called La Rotondo 2488. Normally small lot come in small quantity and produced for high cup quality purpose. La Rotondo Pacamara natural speak for itself. Another gem from Luis Alberto's garden.

Roaster Notes

Have you gone to grocery shop when you were 5 years old and spent all your saving just to buy all your favorite candies and toys? Well things are a bit different when you are grown up, we just snatch whatever available from Luis Alberto. La Rotondo 2488 is a good one. Natural process Pacamara coffee. Both are our favorite process and favorite varietal.

Big big apple juice filling my mouth. From the first sip to the last drip. It is hard not to enjoy Pacamara juiciness. The honey texture and sweetness is there just to make sure all the liquid smooth sailing into my soul. Winey aroma and aftertaste leave a natural trademark from each time I stop tasting this coffee. Need I say more? Small lot like La Rotondo 2488 is one of the reason we try our best to keep hunting for specialty. Familiar to a million yet accessible to few, and you are among the few.

- Helmi -