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What's Interesting

La Reserva won 8th place in Peruvian Cup of Excellence in 2018. It located at altitude of 190m. This beautiful coffee farm belong to young man Marcos Mijahuanca. He has been taken care of farm management and responsible in each part of processing stage during coffee harvest. That's same similarity that we found in all our Peru coffee which producer / owner will invoivle in monitoring operatoin.

The harvest begin with select and picking ripe cherries. The cherries went into filtering stage to remove bad cherries and depulped. Pulped cheirries will be put into fermenation tank for 18 hours. Once fermentation complete, they will wash the parchment with clean water. Finally all coffee will lay out on drying bed and slowly dry for 14 days until it hit 11% moisture content. 

Roaster Notes

Sometime score does not reflect coffee drinker preference. This coffee has less complexity but high flavours clarity. Sometime good coffee not really about complexity, but it also relies on flavours clarity. That's our take on Marcos Mijahuanca coffee. It is packed heavy tones flavours for fully washed coffee. Dry ground give you fragrance of floral and white chocolate. We also smell lemongrass and black cherry aroma during cupping.

This coffee has lots of sugar, and it developed well through roasting. The coffee taste like blackberry, grape and Cadbury chocolate. The texture is medium heavy and taste chewy. The aftertaste of sweet lingering make Marcos such a memorable coffee to drink. We are also blessed to roast his coffee for our coffee lover.


- Helmi -