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What's Interesting

Whenever we sourcing coffee selection for Terang SO we will source 2 types of coffee. First is competition level or special processed coffee. Second is delicious daily brew coffee. July Terang SO special processed coffee is featuring Finagro Asacano Carbonic Maceration coffee. Carbonic Maceration is wine processing technique that has been implement in coffee processing field. The concept is simple where all the cherries will be place in a tank (usually it is stainless steel tank or plastic barrel) and will be inject with carbon dioxide gas at the beginning stage of fermentation. The idea is to keep oxygen free fermentation environment to enhance flavors and allow micro bacteria to slowly ferment. The result is clean, unique and high clarity flavors.

Carbonic Maceration was popularized by Project Origin founder Sasa Sectic which is also World Barista Champion. He used Carbonic Maceration to win his first Barista Championship and it eyes opening on how processing method has major influence on coffee flavors. We are very happy to know some African producer country like Ethiopia and Tanzania have picked up this processing method and implement in their processing line. It is difficult process since we need to monitor closely the fermentation stage including temperature, humidity and time but at the end it is worth. 


How To Brew

Tanzania usually associated with herbal flavors coffee. But Finagro Ascano produce an exceptional coffee by using Carbonic Maceration processing method. This coffee is clean cup coffee with malic acid and slightly tropical fruits flavor. We like baked apple and peach flavors that we can get from this coffee. So we are using 91c temperature to focus more rounded acidity and delicate texture. Medium grind size is suitable to extract all good flavors at moderate speed. Try keep the total brewing time below 3:30-4:00 minutes to avoid dry after taste. V60 or Origami are the best option to bring out the best of Finagro Carbonic Maceration coffee.