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What's Interesting

In Latin America, there are some of coffee producer inherited their coffee farm from their ancestor. Don Jaime came for this tradition where he inherited his farm from his family. The total area of coffee farm is around 80 hectares at 1350 ~ 1650 meter elevation. His coffee farm is using spring water and practicing organic farming where he only uses organic fertilizer to grow the coffee. The best moment experienced by Don Jaime as coffee farmer when he became winner of Nicaragua Cup of Excellent COE back in 2010. It has helped him to get exposure and recolonization from international coffee roaster market and give him a drive to produce better coffee.

Roaster Notes

Blown away, I know Nicaragua as bright and acidic coffee. But it is not taste acidic like Kenya coffee where Kenya coffee is more on juicy taste and lean toward tropical fruits acidity, Nicaragua in general has intense citrus acidity. Don Jaime is just at another level. The combination of sweet bourbon coffee varietal and natural process break my belief about Nicaragua coffee. This coffee as sweet as you can get. The blueberry fragrance remain as aroma and flavor in final cup. The acidity taste sweet like peach and get a bit winey as it cools down. You can expect funky taste from Don Jaime natural coffee but it is a good one until not aware you already had your last sip.

- Helmi -