<center>NICARAGUA</br>EL DOCTOR H1</center>


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What's Interesting

The man! Luis Alberto a legend, a true pioneer, an excellent coffee farmer. We always thrilled to have his coffee back in our offering. If you are big fan of Arkib Kopi, his coffee is no foreign to you. We have brought in his coffee for straight 2 years and this is our 3rd times having his coffee back in our offering. This particular coffee came from his famous winning COE farm Un Regalo Dios. El Doctor is small lot from Un Regalo Dios and it is hybrid H1 varietal. Lately we have seen many new varietal like Centeramericano, H1 or H3 starting flooding into coffee market. This kind of coffee varietal is a continuous effort by research center to provide good coffee plant breed which has high tolerance to leaf rust or rough wind. Natural process is such a perfect choice to process this coffee. It really shows the other side of Nicaragua flavors which is more sweet berries and vanilla. Truly an honor to have back Luis Alberto coffee.

Roaster Notes

Luis Alberto 2020 crop offer so many choices for us to pick. After went through selection, I picked Pacamara, Hybrid H1 and Bourbon for our offering. This Hybrid H1 is main reason why I love to discover and learn more about new coffee varietal. Hybrid H1 has trait form Catimor varietal which make it really robust plant and good for coffee farmer production. With natural process I feel it has cover up the 'robusta sensation' and boost the coffee quality. El Doctor has intense blueberry strawberry aroma and flavors. The sweetness is more like marmalade and vanilla. I'm quite comfortable to say it is sweet coffee and quite easy to get new lure someone to start drinking specialty coffee. We offered this coffee in October Terang-SO subscription. We keep few bags for our retail customer. Grab your chance to try out this coffee since you know nothing permanent in our store. Things go really fast, faster than Usain Bolt.

- Helmi -