<center>NICARAGUA</br>LOS CONGOS</center>
    <center>NICARAGUA</br>LOS CONGOS</center>


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What's Interesting

After had our Costa Rica Sin Limites Villa Sarchi we fall in love with Villa Sarchi coffee.it is natural mutation of Bourbon varietal. It is dwarf coffee tree and well adapt to the highest altitude condition. Just like Bourbon coffee, Villa Sarchi inherited Bourbon sweetness with better acidity clarity. Whenever you heard COE winning farm growing Villa Sarchi, you almost can bet there will be high quality coffee. That's what bring Arkib Kopi to Los Congos Villasarchi. Located in San Fernando mountain, Los Congos remain intact with lush pine forest. Under Pagauaga's family management, Finca Los Congos has won multiple time in Nicaragua Cup of Excellent competition. This fully washed coffee is such a stellar coffee that give a Nicaragua coffee a complete set of dynamic attribute from aroma, flavors, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance and overall. It is our roaster favorite daily brew coffee and you know what it means. Strictly good coffee at Arkib Kopi.

Roaster Notes

Super yummy coffee and i really mean it. Whoever know me, I'm a big fan of natural coffee guys. If i want to have a fully washed, it must be an exceptional fully washed coffee. Los Congos Villasarchi is that kind of coffee. Weird combination of grapefruit and hazelnut flavors are not something that you can usually find in any fully washed coffee. When it was hot you can get plenty of citrus flavors like grapefruits, clementine and tea flavors. Hazelnut only prominent when it totally cools down. It is so fun to roast a fully washed coffee. Load in to your roasting and let it roll. Grind and pour your water then you good to go. Same coffee flavors for morning cup. That's my Los Congos!

- Helmi -