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What's Interesting

It is hard to pass by any fancy process coffee like Carbonic Maceration or Anaerobic process coffee. You can easily get itchy to get you hands on it. That's our story with Olman Valldarez coffee. Another legend from Nicaragua, the entire Valldarez family is known for producing excellent coffee. In 2004 Olman his family started to their coffee farm and build their own micro mill Buenos Aires. In 2005 Olman started to notice specialty coffee wave enter Nicaragua coffee scene and begin to focus on producing specialty grade coffee.

We bought this Carbonic Maceration and Anaerobic on quarterly basis. It is interesting to try out this method from Nicaragua. We had excellent Nicaragua coffee previously from COE winner Luis Alberto and know what is max potential of Nicaragua coffee. Olman CM has give deep tones coffee flavors, something new to typical nutty and citrusy Nicaragua coffee.

Roaster Notes

Well I think you will never get bored trying our coffee selection. After long time buying Nicaragua coffee, finally we managed to get Carbonic Maceration coffee from Nicaragua. I love to offer coffee from enthusiastic coffee producer. In reality it is very hard to find self driven coffee farmer who are constantly pursuit specialty coffee quality. It is just reality when specialty coffee demand is 10% of world coffee consumption. Having producer like Olman Valldarez who take a risk producing great coffee, we as coffee crafter feel obligated to promote his coffee to our coffee fan.

I love deep tones flavors coffee. Even though i always chasing balance cup profile i always have a soft spot for my favorite coffee. Olman carbonic maceration coffee has elegant red wine flavors and gentle crispy grape acidity. It is taste better with every sip. The flavors getting heavier when you start to taste sarsaparilla body and sweetness coating in your mouth. It is one side heavy tones coffee but I do enjoy it as filter coffee. If you want try to 'trick' you friend to new specialty coffee world, Olman CM coffee is perfect choice. Just tell them it is wine but 'halal'.

- Helmi -