<center>PABLINA MARTINEZ </br>- RED HONEY -</center>
    <center>PABLINA MARTINEZ </br>- RED HONEY -</center>


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What's Interesting

One of coffee selection that we are featuring for Terang SO July selection. We love Honduras coffee for our daily brew. Especially when it comes to morning coffee, crispy acidity, herbal aroma, caramel sweetness and hints of chocolate make Honduras is a perfect choice to start your day. But when you know Arkib Kopi we always want something more or different from normal coffee. Honduras coffee usually processed using fully washed method and honey process it not really common.

We are lucky to get our hands on this micro lot coffee specially prepped honey process from Pablina Martinez. Pablina and his husband own 5 acre farm and used to sell her coffee as conventional commodity. Life changed when Pablina begin to focus on small micro lot and improve the coffee quality. Pablina's coffee has interesting flavors from rose essence, gentle passion fruits acidity and pistachio nuttiness. We have no complaint to wake in the morning brew Pablina coffee. Straight black no milk! Perfecto


How To Brew

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