<center>PEDRA BLANCA </BR> - ANAEROBIC -</center>
    <center>PEDRA BLANCA </BR> - ANAEROBIC -</center>


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What's Interesting

Another excellent coffee from Carmo Coffee . This is our 2nd filter coffee offering from Brazil and it is from one of top selection offered by Carmo Coffee. We know about Carmo Coffee when they won recent Cup of Excellence. Luis Pedro son of Carmo Coffee owner is very ambitous and innovative person. Under his management we see lots of experimental process has been done and this coffee one of his fruits of labour. We are so happy to see the improvement of Brazil coffee quality in recent years. At Arkib Kopi we are happy to sourcing coffee that break the status quo. Try this coffee and we promise your opinion on Brazil coffee won't be the same.

Everything changed in one day when Emi Fukuhori won World Brewers cup Championship back in 2018. Her coffee stories begin when his friend came back from Daterra Coffee farm visit and brought back few rare coffee selection. One of it was Laurina coffee varietal anaerobic maceration process. It was unique and rare varietal which has low caffeine content and produced in small quantity. Combination of excellent coffee and brewing skills, Emi snatched 1st place and proudly change the game of world brewers cup championship. It meaningful moment not just for Emi but for future of Brazil coffee. A hope for Brazil farmers to get better paid with producing better coffee. 

How To Brew

Pedara Blanca is an exceptional Brazil coffee. Anaerobic process has changed how process method influence coffee taste profile. We love the clarity of acidity that give sensation of fresh bite of green apple make this coffee interesting. The flavors progress towards prune flavors as it cooled down. Compare to normal Brazil coffee, Pedra Blanca has subtle and mellow cashew texture and sweetness which make this coffee so enjoyable when you are having it. To achieve this taste profile we grind it at medium grind size and using same amount water in each pouring to keep continuous pressure to coffee bed. This will help to fully extract all coffee flavors within 3 minutes.