<center>PELAEZ JARAMILLO</br>- CATIOPE -</center>
    <center>PELAEZ JARAMILLO</br>- CATIOPE -</center>


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What's Interesting

First time we heard about Catiope varietal when we came across Elkin Guzman a famous coffee farmer who are known or experimental coffee processing. We never heard or see any Catiope in coffee market and really curious to try out this new varietal. Finally, we able to get our hands on this gem from Laderas del Tapias. It is a company formed by 4 main coffee farm Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, La Graciela and Villa Inés. In 1990 coffee cultivation was abandon and in 2000 Peláez Jaramillo responsible to restore back the coffee sector together with house in coffee farm area.

The Catiope variety is a cross between Colombian Caturra and Ethiopian heirloom varieties “CA(turra)-(e)TIOPE”. It was developed in the Colombian department and was distribute to farmer. Jose Catiope was processed as natural process has funky aroma and flavors. We picked lots of berries notes from strawberry to blackberries. Interesting part where we taste yogurt flavor and immediately we know it is an exceptional Colombian coffee.

How To Brew

This coffee absolutely stunning for Colombian coffee. It is hard to produce natural Colombian coffee due to tropical weather where there is high mold risk during drying process. But it is all good when you have an excellent producer like Jaramillo. Hi coffee has high solubility for brewing. We are using coarser grind size to slow down the extraction speed to avoid dry after taste. We have tweaked our latest roasting profile to suit 1:17-1:18 brewing ratio. High brewing ratio allow coffee drinker to get full experience coffee flavors change as it cools down. Classic V60 has been our favorite dripper to brew natural coffee. The ribs design help to produce an even natural agitation which help to create rounded coffee texture. In final cup, we taste yogurt, orange, dried strawberry and winey after taste. Catiope is definitely a kind of coffee that suite adventurous coffee lover. Glad you will pickup this one.