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What's Interesting

We are always having Ethiopian, Brazil or Colombia on our offering. Beside these common espresso coffee region, we want try something new, something fresh and unfamiliar to a million. That's when our searching narrow down to Peru. Peru relatively is poor infrastructure country and many local farmers really on local co-op to get their bean sell to local market. Despite the difficulty, Peru has unique coffee flavors that we like. From our experience cupping Peru coffee we find Peru coffee has medium body with vibrant acidity. This is perfect coffee that we like as daily espresso based drink. Nothing too strong or dominant yet it is enjoyable through all day long.

Peru Pichanaki come from small Pichana village where around 198 farmers works together to produce Pichanaki coffee. Under special program conducted by Neumann Kaffee Gruppe local sister company COINCA has been established to support the farmers. Throughout this partnership the farmers get proper training of good farming practice which help them to increase numbers and quality of production. For a micro coffee roaster like Arkib Kopi we are happy to support this kind of program by keep buying their coffee. We believe the key to better coffee by keep sustainable supply chain alive. Whenever you drink this coffee it is a small step to restore faith in humanity for coffee farmers. Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Roaster Notes

Finally, something different from Latin America beside Brazil and Colombia. For next espresso coffee offering I want to offer a vibrant coffee which has subtle element of filter coffee in our espresso. The acidity not too bright like Colombia coffee and not too bold like Brazil coffee. That's when Peru coffee come to my mind. As far I can remember, cupping any Peru coffee always give me a perception of gentle coffee. It is has pleasant and soft tones flavors which make it such a comfort cup which i can drink all day long. I roast this coffee at medium to medium dark to ensure it has enough viscosity to avoid dry cup. We taste red fruits with velvet mouth feel. Definitely good as black and interesting on milk based coffee. Enjoy our first Peru offering!

- Helmi -