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What's Interesting

Our latest Peru coffee line up show something interesting for Peru coffee especially as filter coffee. Most of Peru coffee end up use in blend espresso coffee due to it mellow acidity and pleasant sweetness. Roberto Pintado coffee show us a good example how a Peru coffee can taste good as single origin coffee.

La Mina is located at altitude of 1830m. The harvest begin with picking only ripened cherries and sort it using water to filter out unripe or damaged cherries. Then it went through 18 hours of wet fermentation with clean water. Finally it slowly sun dried for 12 days until the moisture content reach 11%. This meticulous processing steps paid off with great coffee quality.

Roaster Notes

We bought 3 Peru coffee and so far we are happy to say all of it pass our quality benchmark. Peru is no longer bench warmer for filter coffee offering, the quality has improved way better in recent years, and we are simply happy to share this good progress with our coffee lover. This coffee behaves bit different in dry ground and wet ground. The fragrance produce smell like raisin, baker's chocolate and cherries. While the aroma lean toward maple syrup and molasses.

At first, we thought this going to be a typical medium heavy Peru, but we are highly mistake. During cupping we enjoyed vivid watermelon skin taste, lively citrus acidity and mild almond flavours. The flavour's spectrum is lean to lighter compound which make it interesting as Peru coffee. We really enjoy cupping this coffee, the tea-like sensation and creamy texture are such fine quality make it incredible drinking experience. No matter how much coffee we have cup, there is always room for surprise. That's the beauty of speciality coffee.


- Helmi -