<center>ROBERTO MONTERROSSO </br>- PACHE SAN RAMON -</center>


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What's Interesting

Central America is a region where we can find lots of exciting new varietal. Within these regions there are lots of research lab that helping farmers to continue produce sustainable coffee by improving farming technique and also new varietals. Guatemala is one the region that caught Arkib Kopi interest lately. It is been a while to have Guatemala as filter coffee selection and we want offer something can represent the top Guatemala coffee quality.

That's when we found coffee from Roberto Monterosso owner of El Morito farm. The guys himself is a legend by becoming top 3 winners in Cup of Excellence competition. Related to this region as it is in Mataquescuintla (aka "Colís") where the dwarf mutation of Typica - namely "Pache" - was first identified and catalogued.El Morito has two of the main types of Pache cultivars which are Pache "San Ramón" (aka Pache Común) and Pache "Colís" (aka Pache Enano) with the second one being a significantly smaller plant and fruit/bean.

Pache San Ramon is a unique coffee. We never taste coffee that has gentle acidity yet in the same time give as sensation of soda drink. The combination of yellow plum and peach has never stopped to put smile on my face. We always trying to source something different and this coffee hit bull's eye.

How To Brew

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