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What's Interesting

After Rwanda Busanze, it is good to have another Rwanda coffee back in our coffee selection. From our green bean coffee buying experience, Rwanda and Burundi are among the most challenging coffee to source. These 2 countries are famous for potato defect and quite tricky to get the right one. We are taking careful approach by accessing farmer reputation and their coffee quality before we offer any coffee to our fan. This Gihanga coffee passed all our check boxes. We are just happy to offer clean, vibrant acidity with sweet layering sweetness Rwanda coffee.

Gihanga coffee produced by Gihanga Coffee Company come form Mbizi washing station. There are around 300 women coffee farmer around Mbizi washing station working together to producer this beautiful coffee. We feel good to buy and offer a coffee that supporting women coffee producer. We are hoping more significant women coffee producer number in coffee industry to bring more prosperity to coffee community.

Roaster Notes

I miss Rwanda coffee a lot. It is very hard to find a good Rwanda coffee that suite our filter coffee preference. I still remember that Rwanda coffee was one of our first offering when we started Arkib. It was the most memorable Rwanda coffee from Dukunde Musasa. It tastes bright and juicy red fruits and simply bright and clean. Since then, i hardly to find any Rwanda coffee that come close to his coffee. I just feel happy to have Gihanga back and sometime when drinking this coffee I'm kinda miss and enjoy vibrant acidity of Rwanda coffee.

One thing I like about Gihanga coffee that it is not flashy like Kenya coffee or flamboyant like Ethiopia coffee. It kinda sits in between which make it easier to get a balance cup. Gihanga surprised me with vibrant pomegranate and white peach acidity. What make it different is the quality of acidity. Whenever I picked pomegranate taste from Kenya coffee it always a bit sharp and punching but pomegranate taste from Gihanga coffee taste a bit mild and sweet. The white peach make it more enjoyable since I prefer laid back coffee and take sip bit by bit. Feeling weekend? . The honey texture and sweetness of Gihanga is perfect if you plan to have this coffee for your Sunday breakfast. That feeling when you grab newspaper and drinking Gihanga, it is definitely a favorite coffee choice for any minimalist person out there. Who with me? Ok then get this coffee.

- Helmi -