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What's Interesting

Being coffee green buyer has driven us to learn deeper about coffee producing country. We're always buying Colombia on monthly basis and begin to see flavors pattern by growing region. Nariño is one of our favorite coffee region. Its cold temperatures make coffee grow more slowly and as a result, produce additional sugars that lead to an exquisitely mild coffee.

Colombia's coffee still produced in collective effort. Meaning the coffee could come from collection from all farmers located in certain region or village. Sameniego is one of it. Most of the farmers has around 4.5 hectares of coffee farm and growing coffee varietal like CastilloCaturra and Colombia. Samaniego is example of delicious coffee produce by collective effort by smallholders' coffee farmer.

Roaster Notes

This coffee is quite interesting. Normally fully Colombian coffee has good citrus orange flavors and rounded body. Samaniego has a bit more to offer rather than boring citrus taste. It is sourdough bread flavors! I would say it kind of combination of malic acid and sweet nuttiness. Not too intense but just nice for acidic filter coffee. The jammy marmalade taste is my favorite. It tastes prominent when it is hot and slowly change to blackberry flavors when it cools down. It is very hard to go wrong with Colombia filter coffee. That's main reason why we love Samaniego coffee. Perfect for simple-minded person.

- Helmi -