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What's Interesting

It feel good when you see new crop of past coffee selection. We had fantastic experience with Ethiopia Wolenso coffee. All we remember was sweet strawberry and creamy vanilla taste. Even though it already more than 1 year, a good coffee won't easily fade away from our memory. Wolenso coffee farm owned by Shimeket Daba and it is huge plantation with 120 hectare area. They have their own washing station and use nearby Dembi river to process the coffee cherries. Wolenso also obtain CERES organic certification.

Our fan know how much we love fresh crop. The fresh sensation and intense flavors are main reason why Wolenso coffee taste so delicious. We taste the same vanilla sweetness but with more bright acidity like a fresh strawberry. The texture is more toward tea-like. If you craving for vanilla sweetness we highly recommend to use immersion brewing method. Either aeropress or French Press, both are good to highlight vanilla flavor. We roasted it at light roast level so we would recommend you to extend rest period. If you are lucky enough, you are actually buying a 'strawberry' instead just a coffee.

How To Brew

V60 is our main weapon whenever we are looking for a classic flavor taste profile. The spiral design always give us edge of coffee flavors which we are looking for. When it comes to Wolenso, V60 deliver crispy fresh strawberry acidity and comfort vanilla sweetness and texture. We used 1:18 to achieve balance cup for a fruity Ethiopia coffee. 3 steps and medium grind size seem quite a good combination to avoid diluted coffee. The rest, we will just let the temperature do the works. We prefer to enjoy the coffee when it getting  slightly cools down. That's when you can really enjoy that 'vanilla' thing.