<center>TELAMO SHEBEDINO </center>
    <center>TELAMO SHEBEDINO </center>


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What's Interesting

Sidama Region has been producing excellent since the day specialty coffee was not introduced to the coffee market. It continues to reign Ethiopia coffee industry by winning top 3 spot in recently Ethiopia Cup of Excellence 2020. We are happy to have Sidama coffee from Telamo Cooperative in our June offering. This coffee is typical what you can expect from classic natural processed Ethiopia coffee. Lots of berries from dark cherries flavors to blueberries sweetness. It such a pleasure to enjoy the berries' sweetness from aroma, flavors and after taste. This is perfect choice if you like straight berries coffee with clean cup taste profile. Level up your daily brew with Telamo coffee. Only from Arkib Kopi, cheers!

How To Brew

Whenever there are berries flavors, we tend to move toward competition style of brewing method. Meaning it going to be more balance cup rather than focusing on origin flavors. 2 pouring step with shorter brewing time, we able to pull out more intense flavors and bright acidity. In final cup we taste gentle malic acid that give us sensation of apple and plum. The blueberries' sweetness is still remained and develop a hint of strawberry taste when it gets to room temperature. This coffee quite consistent with any brewing recipe. We recommend using Aeropress or French Press if you craving for that 'blueberries' taste. Enjoy your daily brew coffee!.