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What's Interesting

Kenya is our 2nd favorite African coffee. We are sorry.... we are just fan boys of Ethiopia coffee. But trust Arkib Kopi, whenever we source Kenya coffee we are going to looking for bright and juicy coffee. There 3 types of common grade has been used for Kenya coffee. The Largest one is AA (screen size 17-18), AB (screen size 15-16) and Peaberry. We notice AA has high clarity of well structured flavors while AB give you more complexity flavors. While Peaberry.....well let's take it as good coffee. We are just not a fan of Peaberry.

Thunguri AA come from Kirinyage County and affiliated with Kibirigwi Farmers Co-op. We pay attention on how our Kenya coffee has been process. Kenya farmers developed a method which called as double soaked where coffee will be washed and ferment for 2 times. First fermentation will take 24 hours then the coffee will be washed. After that it will go to secondary fermentation tank for another 12-24 hours fermentation. The result by add 1 more step in fermentation and washing process give this coffee such a bright and clean acidity. Get ready for green grapes and pomelo fruits taste on your palate. Don't be surprise when you taste chestnut sweetness as it cools down.Definitely not your typical citrusy Kenya coffee.

How To Brew

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