<center>TIMOR LESTE</br>HATUHEI</center>


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What's Interesting

We bet 9 out of 10 our coffee fans never thought Timor Leste growing coffee. Yes they do! . Most of Timor Leste coffee sold in market at component in espresso belnd but it does not mean it will not stand out as single origin filter coffee. We have been studying about Timor Leste coffee for a few years. It is coffee growing region that still lacking of infrastructure and financial support to grow local economy. Recently we have seen lots of activity between people form specialty coffee industry sector with local farmers by providing aid to build washing station and also free education to produce high quality coffee. We think this is a positive indicator that Timor Leste coffee will get back top specialty coffee bracket.

We sourced this coffee from our favorite coffee trader Royal Coffee. We love how Royal Coffee being such a cool coffee company which always dare to bring in exciting selection like Timor Leste Hatuhei. This particular coffee was produced by smallholder farmers who joint effort under Cafe Brisa Serena. Under this cooperative farmers.

Roaster Notes

We picked this coffee for our past Terang-SO selection. At Arkib we love to do something adventurous and that's how we end up featuring Hatuhei coffee on our past monthly subscription. Hatuhei really impressed me with fully washed process. I never expect it can deliver clean taste with mild intensity flavor. We have been buying lots of fully washed coffee from Asia region and when you encounter a coffee like Hatuhei, you know it is well processed and high quality coffee. We keep the roast level at medium light roast with intention to keep the bright acidity like a grapefruit. The coffee has medium body and rounded texture that remind of winter melon. The unique part during cupping is when we picked some mint flavor and aftertaste and after couple sip the flavor getting prominent and yes it is peppermint! We truly enjoying discovering new coffee like Hatuhei. We think the farmers did a very good job to tell the world Have you tried Timor Leste. If you have tried yet come and get 1 for yourself.

- Helmi -