<center>TORAJA TOARCO </br>- AA -</center>
    <center>TORAJA TOARCO </br>- AA -</center>

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What's Interesting

4 years ago we taste a coffee that totally change our perspective on how we look specialty coffee. We always thought specialty only can be produced by famous specialty coffee producer such as Ethiopia, Colombia or Panama. By loard mercy, everything changed when we had a blind cupping session and one particular coffee really stood out. Floral aroma like jasmine and coffee blossom and vanilla sweetness make us feel like drinking a good fully washed Ethiopian coffee. At the end of cupping session we were shocked to find out it was an Indonesian coffee from Sulawesi island. That's our first encounter with Toraja Toarco AA.

Fast forward, 2 years later we had a chance personally to visit the farm. It was an ultra life change experience being able to learn how geography, climate, processing facilities and processing method play a major role to produce an excellent specialty coffee grade like Toarco AA. This fully washed process is similar to Kenya fully washed style where fermented coffee will be washed in long washing channel to remove mucilage. The result is a spectacular clean full washed Indonesian coffee with bright acidity and intense chocolaty sweetness. Without good facilities and well equipped knowledge producing specialty is far from reality. Toarco AA is living proof for those who are chasing quality over quantity. There are steps to make it happen.

Buying coffee from Toarco is really difficult for micro roaster like Arkib Kopi since Toarco only selling coffee in contena. We are really fortunate to be able sourcing this coffee through coffee trader. If you are keen to know future of Asean Specialty Coffee, please try Toraja Toarcoc AA. We are happy to share a pieces of our memory with our lovely customer.

How To Brew

Toraja Toarco AA is the most versatile coffee that we have brewed so far. On cupping table chocolate sweetness and lime acidity taste prominent. Arkib Kopi prefer to brew it more toward competition style where we will aim brewing a balance cup. This recipe exactly the same recipe that our head roaster Helmi used in MBRC 2020 competition. Simple concept where you can extract all good flavors within 2 pours. Please use medium grind size to allow longer brewing time for better extraction. If it tastes mellow you may increase dosage or reduce brew ratio to increase brew strength.