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What's Interesting

Juice juice juice. Welcome to Kenya coffee world where juice and bright coffee is waiting for you. Tuiyogaa is remarkable of specialty grade Kenya coffee. Perfect taste of green apple, sweetness of wild honey and yummy dark chocolate will make any one stop from doing what they are doing after drinking this coffee. AA grade and straight fully washed coffee no additional flavors added. Just kidding, we love Tuiyogaa coffee for bring back the old school notes of Kenya coffee. Green apple show the crispiness of malic acid which give lively taste to coffee. Interesting part where the sweetness change from wild honey to dark chocolate as it cools down.

From our experience we can say AA grade coffee usually give you a straight forward coffee but with high clarity. While AB tend to be sweeter and more complex flavors. Both have their own fan and Arkib Kopi love both coffee (we are sincere not just because we are selling coffee). In the future we are looking forward to sourcing exciting Kenya coffee. Until then keep buy our coffee so we can source more your favorite coffee. Cheers!

How To Brew

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