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What's Interesting

Finally, we decided it is time to release our long awaited Bali coffee from direct trader series. Talking about Bali it holds deep history in Arkib Kopi. Back in the days when our founder Helmi started his coffee journey, Bali is the first destination where he accidentally discovered speciality coffee. It was supposed to be laid back holiday, but everything change after he visited Seniman Coffee in Ubud. There he met one of Indonesian Coffee Q Grader Adi Kadik and spark his interest in speciality coffee. Before he leaves Ubud, he bought the first green bean (not sure yet either he's going to be roaster or not) Bali Kintamani fully washed and natural just for hobbies. Down the roast this memorable trip has led to Arkib establishment.

We set a goal to have natural Bali coffee in our 2020 direct trade coffee. After searching for a while we met Sari Ayu Oktapiani from Ulain village, a young lady, local entrepreneur who run Sari Ayu Coffee. In Kintamani there is 2 main village Ulian and Catur. Sari Ayu together with villager farmers producing different process coffee such as fully washed, honey and natural. Their natural process coffee has won top 10 natural category for Indonesia Coffee Farmers competition in 2020. This exceptional Bali coffee packed with myth, legend, arts, soul of Bali people.

Roaster Notes

I feel so relieved finally we release Sari Ayu coffee. Among all of our direct trade coffee, Bali coffee resonate with me at different level. The whole trip experience from learning local culture, food, local people life and economy give me such a broad perspective how to approach this coffee. Bali's coffee known as super bright citrus coffee. In my humble opinion it is a match for any good Central American coffee. We only managed to secure small amount of this coffee since it was purchase during early harvest season. Buying coffee for first time from local farmers can be risky due to many things can go wrong. But I just make a gamble and believe in her reputation as good coffee producer.

During cupping I was so happy with natural process coffee quality. It is something that I never expect from Indonesia coffee. Especially from a natural process coffee. The fragrance give you a seducing white chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and panela. The acidity remains bright citrus but with rounded finishing. We are really enjoy the fresh strawberry and banana leaf flavours. The texture and sweetness are almost like you are eating vanilla ice-cream. Taste smooth and creamy in your mouth. We only have a limited quantity of this coffee and hope you enjoy it before everything goes out from our shelves.


- Helmi -