<center>WAMUGUMA</br>- AB -</center>
    <center>WAMUGUMA</br>- AB -</center>

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What's Interesting

Kenya government has implemented a guideline where any farmers who own coffee farm less that 5 hectares must join any cooperative to produce coffee. This will allow them to be more organized in coffee production where picking part will be handle by farmers and processing part will be handled by cooperative washing station just like Wamuguma washing station.

This our head roaster Helmi favorite coffee. No matter how professional you are as coffee professional, there will be a soft spot for your own favorite things. That one will be Kenya Wamuguma AB, our roaster personal choice. We have bought few Kenya coffee and we always like how AB delivery 'extra' excitement of tasting Kenyan coffee. This coffee has unique blueberries and watermelon flavors. If you are hardcore Kenyan coffee, you know this is not typical Kenya coffee. It must be super good fully washed coffee to deliver complex berries flavors. We believe smaller size bean has more complexity and interesting for those who are looking for complex flavors coffee.

How To Brew

① Keep temperature at 91c temperature to avoid over extract.

② Use medium coarse grind size for moderate pouring speed.

③ Pour clock wise to utilize V60 spiral ribs motion.

We are using V60 to increase complexity of Wamuguma coffee.

Medium roast level has better solubility for medium coarse grind size.

The brewed coffee has interesting cranberry and kiwi fruitiness.

With this parameter we like to use moderate pouring speed to ensure ground coffee has enough time to absorb and fully extract all good flavors during brewing.