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Wake Up And Rise To Flowery Scent

Geisha has been one of the most sought-after coffee varietals by many coffee lovers. Through our partnership and direct trade with Colombia Coffee Hunter, we came across Finca El Girasol coffee. Empowering a young and passionate coffee producer, Robertson Diaz fulfilled his duty as a coffee producer by producing such a fantastic Geisha Sunflower.

This coffee went through double fermentation, 36 hours of natural aerobic and another 16 hours of honey aerobic. The coffee was finally washed and dried on a raised bed until it achieved ideal moisture. The fermentation technique suits Robertson's Geisha, which gives it a delicate, floral, and well-balanced flavour.

The Producer

Leaving your hometown due to circumstances is never a man's choice. In 2018, when the economic situation pushed most of the coffee farmers in Colombia to sell their beans at C prices, the future of coffee farming was bleak. Robinson Ortiz left his parents and coffee for five years to seek an opportunity as a business advisor for an electrical products company. This is a turning point that will help future coffee producers like him navigate their path to becoming specialty coffee producers.

With savings from growing his small crops since childhood and savings from his job as a business consultant, he was able to make the down payment to buy his own 4-hectare farm. From the beginning, he had a clear vision that he would not manage the farm as his father had done but would take it to a technical era with innovative management, fertilisation, and coffee production methods, always focused on a specialty market.

Today, Robinson has managed to pay off his estate in full and, in addition, has acquired the property of his neighbour. He grows varieties like Tabi, Castillo, Colombia, and the delicious Gesha Sunflower. His coffees captivate us with their exquisite notes of dragonfruit, pink flower, lemongrass, nectar, coffee blossom, peach, lemon, sunflower, kyoho, grape, pineapple, ginger, panela, malic acidity, smooth, clean body, and smooth residue. In addition, he has perfected different processes, such as naturals, honeys, and semi-washes, which he performs in a simple but highly organised processing plant.

  • Cupping Score 90.00pts

    pink flower, kyoho grape, lychee, coffee blossom, peach, white flower

    pink flower, pomegranate, grapefruit,dragonfruit, chysanthemum, caramel

    dragonfruit, pink flower, lemongrass, nectar, coffee blossom, peach, lemon, sunflower, kyoho grape, pineapple, ginger

    complex, sweet, fruity

    medium high | malic, complex, delicate

    medium | juicy, silky, well balance

    complex, progressive, intense, excellent flavour clarity, well balanced, structured

    complex and progressive taste profile that changes from stone fruits towards tropical fruit flavour and intense floral aroma

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