<center>DANIEL MARIAM</BR>ARAMO G1</center>
    <center>DANIEL MARIAM</BR>ARAMO G1</center>


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What's Interesting

Aramo has special place in my heart. Story begin when travelled to Bangkok and visited Kaizen coffee. I was not a really fully washed coffee fan. It takes a lot to pull me away from natural process coffee and Aramo is the coffee that change my view. It was in early morning, me and my good friend Mukhlis had our morning filter coffee and I ordered Aramo (good days when I was Ethiopian coffee sucker). The coffee has super intense hibiscus aroma and flavors. It almost like drinking a flowery tea with bright lemon zest acidity. It is been 3 years since then i still miss Aramo coffee. I feel like everything come to circle when we have Aramo coffee back in our offering.Simply a fully washed like Ethiopia Aramo with clean flavors is the best coffee for daily brew,

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