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What's Interesting

Lagao is back! Now with exclusive micro lot single varietal Acaia! If you are coffee hunter like Arkib Kopi, single varietal is a sweet treat. Being a big coffee producer country like Brazil, a single varietal offering is quite rare and only possible if you have a well planned farm and good management. Well we are lucky since Fazenda Lagao is just kind of producer which produce coffee that we are searching for to buy.

Acaia is a rare variety found in Brazil. It names mean “great fruit” in the Tupi-Guarani language and frequently seen in Cup of Excellence. Acaiá is a natural mutation of the Mundo Novo (itself a Typica and Bourbon hybrid). It has adapted well to the Brazilian climate and growing conditions, and it seems to do less well when tried in other areas. The tree develops in a triangular shape which enables it to capture sun homogeneously. Other benefits are its high productivity, general resilience, and adaptability to mechanical harvesting. Other rare varietal list ticked!

Roaster Notes

Our last Lagao offering came from mixed varietal lots and we received lots of good feedback. We know you like 'chocolaty' especially for bold coffee fan lover. This micro lot Acaia coffee taste much clean than previous offering. We taste dried white flower, cantaloupe and milk chocolate. The 'chocolaty' signature is still remained in the cup with additional flavors like dried white flower and cantaloupe which make me think for a second. Is this Brazil coffee? Taste much better than I thought. Seem Brazil coffee is on the move and you should too to by drinking our new Lagao Acaia coffee!

- Helmi -