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What's Interesting

We have been a big fan of Ethiopia coffee. Especially specialty coffee grade that we can source from single farmer like Gelgelu Edema. Under project collaboration between coffee Trader Royal Coffee and Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) few selected farmers with high grade quality have been separated and went through rigorous processing standard. With this effort we can enjoy coffee that really highly truly potential of specialty grade Ethiopian coffee and maintain the trace ability.

A single Ethiopian coffee farmers have always a distinct character or taste profile compare to common coffee produced by cooperative or region based coffee (e.g SidamoYirgachfee etc.). For single farmer like Gelgelu Edema you will get very obvious of complex quality tropical fruits like banana, blueberries and mango. The coffee texture sweet like milk chocolate also will make you hardly go back to your regular Ethiopia coffee. We are happy every time we are able to offer this top tier coffee like Gelgelu Edema to our audience.

How To Brew

A fine cup of natural process Ethiopia coffee will give you intense sweetness and lingering aftertaste. This is what make Gelgelu coffee so special. We roast this coffee on medium light roast to enhance caramel sweetness while keeping natural acidity character. Using medium grind size and 3 steps of pouring, we brewed it with December dripper (new dripper produced by Korean company, similar to Kalita but with 1 big hole at the bottom of dripper). Total brewed time was around 4 minutes. Slightly long but gentle extraction is suitable for natural process coffee. December dripper allow moderate water flow due to unique opposite airflow and coffee drip direction.

In final cup, we pickup prominent tastes of lemon zest and orange blossom. The aftertaste super lingering and coating. Interesting part where we get a hint of bubblegum. The coffee getting better as it cools down where you can slowly pickup strawberry, vanilla, orange blossom and nectar taste. This is really good example of well processed natural Ethiopia coffee. No over fermentation taste, just pure fruits flavors shoot through your taste buds.