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What's Interesting

Colombia is a fascinating coffee country producer when it come to specialty. It is among region that has 2 harvest season (early and late harvest). Therefore it is easy consistently sourcing excellent specialty coffee from Colombia. Fully washed has been favorable by producer due low risk and consistent production. Lately we have been seen a trend where some producer start to produce natural and honey coffee. As a true coffee lover Arkib Kopi can't resist whenever we come across any natural or honey processed coffee especially from Colombia. 

This coffee still remain bright acidity of Colombian coffee but with additional sweetness complexity that give your palate taste of vanilla and honey. Expect sweet sour fruits notes such as fig, apricot and apple pie. This cup quality taste consistent from hot to cold. It is good to see a coffee producer like Gilberto Rojas from La Florida took an extra effort to show the dynamic of Colombian coffee flavors. We are highly recommend this coffee if you interested in intense fruits flavors.  

How To Brew

This coffee has lots of sweetness that you can extract. We choose to use slightly high brewing ratio 1:17 to create balance cup profile. Use slow drip pouring style to allow more contact between water and coffee ground for better extraction. December is a good dripper to create rounded body.Taking this advantage, we use medium coarse grind size to increase brew strength to compensate fruits flavors. Feel free to experiment with immersion brewing like French Press or Aeropress for more chewy cup.