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  • Ibu Sawat • Mothership

    Ibu Sawat is the coffee roastery studio and slow bar of Arkib, a Malaysian specialty coffee company. The coffee selection is meticulously chosen by professionals and experts based on quality that reflects the origin's character and terroir.

    Each batch of roasted coffee is crafted on a drum roasting machine, offering an adventurous, exciting, and satisfying experience of unique flavour that showcases the beauty of specialty coffee.

    The coffee selection set the tone for re-discovering the coffee world by captivating the senses and emphasising individuality.

  • Delivery Schedule

    The available stock is roasted on a weekly basis.
    The roast date will be within 1 month.
    Delivery will be done the next working day after we receive the order.
    Please take note that all ready-stock coffee will be sold with the current packaging amount.

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On The Shelf

This is ready stock that currently available for pickup at Ibu Sawat or courier delivery.

Carbon Neutral #003 Empus Said Jade - Medium Roast
Cherry Syrup, Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs

Indonesia Empus Said Rara 250G - Medium Light Roast
Red Peach, Magnolia, Honey

Kenya Kahiraini 250G - Medium Roast
Dried Mixed Berris, Honeydew, Watermelon Syrup

Indonesia Polka Giza 250G - Medium Roast
Concoard Grape, Tualang Honey, Unsweetened Chocolate

Arkib Protokol #0026 Gebu 250G - Medium Roast
Blackcurrant, Black Berry, Prune

Arkib Protokol #0021 Ginseng 1KG - Medium Roast
Redy Cherry, Nougat, White Chocolate

Brazil Fazenda Gabriela 250G - Medium Roast
Apricot, Molasses, Hazelnut

Our Mission

Connect coffee world through ethically sourced and hand crafted coffee

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