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East Java is the heaven of fine Indonesian specialty coffee growers. The geography is blessed with mountain terraces with cool climate weather and shaded trees that almost mimic the landscape of Panama coffee plantations. Argopuro Cooperative, led by Pak Muhlisin, located on the side hill of Argopuro Mountain, is one of the most the most passionate coffee growers producing the most the most experimental Indonesian coffee we have ever known.

Pushing the boundaries of coffee fermentation, Pak Muhlisin is always interested in learning and producing different types of coffee. In circa 2020, he began working on a small batch experiment of anaerobic fermentation coffee using a food-grade barrel. The result was outstanding, which unlocked new berries and deep tropical fruits that never come out of East Java coffee. Taking this step further, he begins to build a massive 2-ton stainless steel tank to produce a large batch of anaerobic coffee.

A few years later, Pak Muhlisin modified the tank to accommodate the carbonic maceration process, which uses carbon dioxide gas. Our latest coffee from Argopuro went through a 160-hour carbonic maceration treatment that produced a unique birch sap aroma and flavour. The origin terroir quality translates into the local pandan leaf taste, which the locals are accustomed to, which makes Indonesian coffee stand out on the cupping table. The sparkling cola added to the depth of the carbonic maceration process, making drinking this coffee such an outstanding specialty coffee experience.

The Producer

Argapuro Walida Cooperative is our longtime partner producer from East Java. Under Pak Muhlisin, a young coffee grower in East Java, he made the change by elevating the quality and quantity of specialty coffee producers. For almost 10 years, he has been constantly growing and pioneering, producing one of the most exciting East Java coffees we have ever known.

The cooperative mainly caters to Argopuro, surrounding smallholder farmers who mainly pick and send cherries to the Pak Muhlisin processing center. The processing mill is responsible for collecting, sorting, fermenting, drying, and storing the coffee. The coffee-growing area covered the elevation from 1300 msal up to 2000 msal, providing a wide range of taste profiles that are mainly influenced by the local topography. Pak Muhlisin also just opened a new farm that mainly caters to exotic varietals such as Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, Yellow Caturra, and Java. This opens up more opportunities to discover what East Java can offer specialty coffee consumers.

East Java will remain one of our favorite coffee-growing regions, offering a diverse coffee taste profile. Especially when it comes to Argopuro coffee, it will remain in our offering for a long time. We are excited to offer seasonal coffee from Pak Muhlis, who relentlessly pushes the boundaries of specialty coffee.

    • Cupping Score 88.25pts

      cola, cherry, grape, winey, blueberry, sandalwood, chocolaty, syrupy, guava

      concord grape, berries, chocolate, blueberry, spices, winey, gooseberry

      concord grape, birchwood, grape, guava, cranberry, cherry syrup, pandan leaf, sparkling cola, sarsaparilla

      long, lingering, clean

      medium high | phosphoric acidity, complex, berries, cranberry

      medium | smooth, slick

      Layering, deep, complex, progressive, pointed

      Complex herbs, spices and berries flavour. Reminiscence classic Ethiopian herbs coffee
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