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The Rise

Bali is where it all begins. We are thrilled to bring back the first direct-trade coffee that we bought from Bali. This year we went on a farm trip to Curtina Coffee to get a better understanding of producing specialty coffee in Kintamani Highland.

Curtina Coffee is the brainchild of Wana Prastha, who has a passion and deep love for producing specialty coffee. Born and raised in Kintamani, Wana took pride in growing and producing Kintamani coffee. Besides owning a coffee farm, he also works together with local neighbourhood farmers to process their coffee and sell it under Curtina Coffee. Wana personally will identify a coffee farm that has potential and produce it as a microlot coffee offering.

This year, he solely produced experimental coffee to discover the potential of his coffee. Our coffee lot came from a small holder in Desa Awan, Kintamani, and was picked by Wana himself. This exceptional lot has a deep flavour of mango, blueberry, coco powder, and dried fruits. It is a sweet coffee that is enjoyable until the last sip.


The Producer

Bali is a ‘holy land’ growing some of the finest coffee that you can find in Indonesia. The volcanic soil, cool climate, and well-preserved nature are the ultimate attributes shaping the unique coffee flavour that can be found in Bali. Introducing Wana Prastha from Cutina Coffee, a 2nd generation coffee grower that incorporates the will of Bali Island into growing coffee with nature.

His father, Sang Kompyang, has been a coffee producer and processor since 2011, focusing their business more on the commercial coffee industry. In 2021, Wana and his father ventured into producing specialty coffee grades under Curtina Coffee.

Wana is a passionate and young coffee farmer driven to make a change in the Bali coffee scene. While Bali is more known for commercial-grade coffee, it also has lots of potential to produce top specialty-grade coffee. Join hands with micro-roaster and local coffee expert Curtina, focusing on microlot and experimental coffee.

Equipped with proper facilities such as a ceramic tile fermentation tank, green house drying, and quality control lab, Curtina has all the essential equipment to process and produce better coffee. After a few years of launching Curtina Coffee, their coffee has already been one of the most sought-after coffees in the local market and has also been exported to international micro roastery

    • Cupping Score 86.75pts

      strawberry, honeydew, milk chocolate, milk candy, honeycomb, butterscotch, mango

      honeydew, dark cherry, mangoesteen, chocolate,plum, grape

      pine nuts, honeydew, mango, chocolate, nectarine, dried fruits, yellow watermelon, rock melon

      silky, lingering

      medium | citrus, balance, fruity, peach, necatarine

      medium high | heavy, velvety, creamy

      well balance, delicate taste profile, pointed, harmony

      velvety and creamy texture, sweet honeydew with moderate tropical fruits sensation
    • Roasting Schedule

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      Roasting on every Tuesday & Thursday

      Delivery on same day

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      Roasting on every Thursday

      Delivery on next day
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