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For centuries, Sumatra has been known for producing heavy-bodied coffee with a strong herbal and earthy flavour. From north to south, the entire island has well-adapted to the wet-hulled processing method which is responsible for creating this classic flavour.

Our longtime partner Empus Said is taking further steps to produce small lots of natural process coffee to discover the potential of Sumatra coffee. Adapting the slow-dry technique for natural processes, they utilise a patio and raised bed to achieve a much more efficient drying process without compromising the final product quality.

This classic natural process blew us away with its gentle yet sophisticated gummy candy aroma and complex tropical fruits. The high clarity of tropical fruit flavours like mata kucing and lychee with a minty sage finish reminds us of sipping fine natural Ethiopian coffee. Empus Said Estate will definitely exceed our expectations and continue to strive to improve.

The Producer

Empus Said Estate is a coffee estate that covers almost 200 hectares of coffee farm land in Aceh, Sumatra. They also owned a private processing mill. It allows them to have more control over farming practices and a better coffee processing facility. The wet mill is equipped with a ceramic tile fermentation tank and washing channel. This significantly contributes to more hygienic coffee processing and a cleaner coffee flavour.

Passionate specialty coffee like Empus Said is always paying attention to small details. It is an attitude that sets their coffee apart from other producers. The combination of shade-grown practices and organic farming allows them to be more efficient in production and also maintain consistency throughout the harvest. It has been a pleasure to work with Empus Said Estate continuously for 3 years.

    • Cupping Score 88.75pts

      sparkling watermelon, strawberry, fresh cherry, vanilla, raspberry, candy, lollipop

      concord grape, red wine, prune, syrup, cranberry

      sparkling red wine, grape, cranberry, strawberry, red dates, longan, mata kucing, goji berry, syrup

      lingering, tropical fruits finishing

      medium | citrus, longan, balance, sweet

      medium high | clean, smooth

      progressive, layering, complex, deep

      complex tropical fruits with prominent sweet longan and strawberry sensation
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      Roasting on every Tuesday & Thursday

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      Roasting on every Thursday

      Delivery on next day
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