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Coated In Amber

Coffee is a seasonal agricultural product, and its main elements make specialty coffee exciting. Our long-time coffee producer partner, Empus Said, has been working around the clock during harvest season to produce the most clean, wet-hulled coffee we have ever tasted. Located at Benar Meriah, Empus Said owned a coffee estate and operated a micromill producing commercial and specialty-grade coffee.

Unlike other coffee producers, Empus Said is very meticulous in processing wet-hulled coffee and incorporates washing the coffee into the washing machine to produce a much more consistent and clean cup profile. Our latest arrival, wet-hulled coffee produces a cleaner cup profile with excellent stone fruit quality. We picked up the sweet yet tart sensation of loquat (a Japanese plum) with its delicate red peach fruitiness.

It is rare for wet-hulled fruits to showcase good stone fruit quality that leaves a good taste impression. The texture is much lighter than that of traditional Sumatra coffee. It has body weight and sweetness like sugarcane, giving a much more round and smooth drinking experience.

The Producer

When talking about Indonesian coffee, Sumatra has always been the main conversation of origin, producing a unique taste profile. Heavy body, earthy flavor, and herbal aftertaste have been the main reasons why it is loved so much by many coffee lovers. When sourcing coffee from this origin, we are particularly searching for a for a small producer with whom we are going to work for a long time.

What sets a coffee producer like Empus Said Estate apart is a huge coffee farm and a private processing wet mill. It allows them to have more control over farming practices and a better coffee processing facility. The wet mill is equipped with a ceramic tile fermentation tank and washing channel. This significantly contributes to more hygienic coffee processing and a cleaner coffee flavor.

The new generation, spearheaded by Said Izeni, has paved a new direction for Empus Said. While maintaining mainly production for traditional processes like wet-hulled, he is always eager to look for opportunities to carry out experimental coffee. His latest honey aerobic and natural anaerobic processes expand the taste spectrum of Empus Said coffee. Moving forward, we are looking forward to working together with Empus Said to create more exciting coffee for coffee lovers.

    • Cupping Score 86.75pts

      pineapple, pear, coffee cherry, persimmon, brown sugar, almond, fennel seed

      brown sugar, pineapple, basil, fennel seeds

      persimmon, pear, pineapple, brown sugar, ginger flower, fennel seeds, basil, wild flower

      clean, long

      medium | citrus acidity, balance, round

      medium high | velvety, full

      pointed, clean, harmony, structured, high flavour clarity
      clean, herbaceous, refreshing citrus and basil leaf
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