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Fruit Fermentation

The Nusantara archipelago has always been our centre of focus for sourcing specialty coffee. Each island produces a specific coffee character, and Sumatra Island is no different. Especially when it comes to Kerinci, a coffee-growing region that we have identified as producing a similar taste profile to Panama coffee.

Our longtime partner, Pak Aziz, has been consistently producing outstanding coffee for Arkib. We opted for the classical wet-hulled process to capture the origin and unique herbal flavour that you can only find in Sumatra coffee. This is a prime example of how a skilled producer and terroir significantly shaped the coffee taste profile.

Pak Aziz's wet-hulled coffee is one of the finest and most clean Sumatra coffees we have ever tasted. The coffee delivers an oriental fragrance that reminds us of prominent mandarin oranges and sage. The flavour focuses on the sweetness of stone fruits like mandarin orange, honeycomb, apricot, and marmalade. It slowly shifted to sweet strawberry tea and soft pineapple, making it a memorable experience drinking Sumatra wet-hulled coffee.

The Producer

Pak Aziz has been our longtime partner from Sumatra Island. From a coffee farmer to a coffee producer, he is undeniably a well-respected coffee professional in his field. Pak Aziz founded Rukun Saudara in Kayu Aro, Jambi, Kerinci, to cater his own farm and that of fellow coffee farmers to produce specialty coffee for the local and international markets.

Located at the foothills of Gunung Kerinci, Kerinci is blessed with fertile volcanic soil and a cool climate that is suitable to grow Arabica coffee. Pak Aziz himself owned a farm located at an elevation of 1400~1700 m that mainly grew the Sigararutang varietal. This varietal is mainly favoured by local coffee growers due to its high productivity.

In recent years, Pak Aziz’s coffee has gained recognition from locals and internationals by winning multiple coffee competitions. This includes winning the latest Cup of Excellence and placing first in the KKSI National Contest. We are happy to partner with Rukun Saudara and will continue to source and roast the finest coffee selection from Kerinci.

    • Cupping Score 87.00pts

      floral, sage, mango, vanilla, coffee flower, chrysanthemum, lychee syrup

      milk chocolate, honey, marmalade, apricot, strawberry tea, ylang ylang

      mandarin orange, apricot, yellow fruits, honeycomb, strawberry jam, pineapple, strawberry, marmalade

      smooth, lingering, clean, light coating

      medium | citrus, bright, fruity, clean, mandarin orange

      medium | silky, creamy, smooth, honey

      clean, structured, pointed, harmony, well balance

      super clean wet hulled coffee with fruity stone fruits character and smooth texture
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      Roasting on every Thursday

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