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The Other Side

Due to the unfamiliar use of fungus in coffee fermentation, Koji has attracted a lot of interest from coffee professionals. Japanese food making techniques like making soy sauce or rice wine frequently use this fermentation technique (sake). A fungus called koji (Aspergillus oryzae) converts complex carbohydrates and proteins into simple sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids. This increases depth, brings out flavours, and lessens acidity.

This has led to it being described as "magical" and a game-changer by experts. In 2022, Sarekat Kopi took the first step by producing natural koji coffee as a result of several trials and meticulous research. The koji powder was applied evenly to the red cherries after they were spread out on a drying bed. The cherries will then be mixed evenly and left to dry for 20–30 days.

The first taste experience that blows our minds is the fizzy, sparkling grape taste. Several Koji coffees that we tried had more pronounced winey and umami flavours. With a light roast and the appropriate balance of green bean resting time, we were able to showcase the high sweetness of the Koji process. The flavour of the complex berries is similar to blackberry and cranberry, which are more noticeable at slightly colder temperatures. It is at this point that the coffee's distinctive Koji umami flavour starts to shine. Your mouth began to become coated, and the flavour is so mouthwatering that it's almost impossible to describe.

The Producer

The Indonesian Archipelago has lots of good coffee to offer. Our farm trip back in 2022 connected Arkib with Deni from Sarekat Kopi. Experienced specialty coffee producers have high enthusiasm and dedication to producing the finest West Java specialty coffee. Deni started as a vegetable trader and slowly got involved with coffee during his university studies.

After purchasing cherries from local farmers, Deni began learning how to process coffee and sell it to commercial markets. Beginning in 2018, the most positive growth in specialty coffee motivated Deni to try out producing specialty coffee. From there, he started to learn more, expressing himself with lots of fermentation techniques or drying techniques with the goal of discovering new coffee potential. Today, Sarekat Kopi has been one of the best-known specialty coffee producers.

  • Cupping Score 88.50pts

    honeydew, tualang honey, cocoa, maple syrup, concord grape, fruits, leather, strawberry

    dried fruits, sparkling grape, winey, cordial syrup, sarsaparilla

    juicy grape, berry, winey, cranberry, fizzy, calpis soda, red berries, chocolate

    winey, grape finishing, fizzy

    medium high |  phosphoric, sparkling, juicy, complex, winey, grape

    velvety, juicy, round

    complex, progressive, deep, structured

    sparkling grape with a heavy umami flavour
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