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The coffee plantation is situated on Mount Patuha in Rancabali, one of West Java's highest coffee-growing regions. Sarekat Kopi owns two plantations, including this one. We are incredibly lucky to have secured some of the best lots they produce for the harvest in 2022.

Due to the unfamiliar use of fungus in coffee fermentation, Koji has attracted a lot of interest from coffee professionals. Japanese food-making techniques like making soy sauce or rice wine frequently use this fermentation technique (sake). A fungus called koji (Aspergillus oryzae) converts complex carbohydrates and proteins into simple sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids. This increases depth, brings out flavours, and lessens acidity. This has led to it being described as "magical" and a "game-changer" by experts.

In 2022, Sarekat Kopi took the first step by producing natural koji coffee as a result of several trials and meticulous research. The koji powder was applied evenly to the red cherries after they were spread out on a drying bed. The cherries will then be mixed evenly and left to dry for 20–30 days.

The release of Koji Umi has taken longer than any other coffee we've ever released. It took us literally 6 months to stabilise the flavour, so the best time to enjoy the coffee may not be right after a fresh harvest. In this case, the umami flavour and the fruitiness of the coffee blended beautifully after 6 months, making the coffee taste much better.

The first taste experience that blows our minds is the fizzy, sparkling grape taste. Several Koji coffees that we tried had more pronounced winey and umami flavours. With a light roast and the appropriate balance of green bean resting time, we were able to showcase the high sweetness of the Koji process. The flavour of the complex berries is similar to blackberry and cranberry, which are more noticeable at slightly colder temperatures. It is at this point that the coffee's distinctive Koji umami flavour starts to shine. Your mouth began to become coated, and the flavour is so mouthwatering that it's almost impossible to describe.


Please take note all coffee be roasted minimum within 10 days before shipping. 

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