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Hidden Gem

Sourcing a single varietal from a single producer farm has been a dream for microcoffee roasters like Arkib. This particular lot is sourced from a Pak Azi plot that only consists of the Sigararutang varietal. This single farm lot showcases the hidden potential of Indonesian coffee. Under Pak Aziz's care, this lot possessed high potential for outstanding natural Indonesian coffee.

It is predominately dominated by an intense Concord grape flavour with a violet sensation. The unsweetened chocolate flavour complements the intense grape flavour, which gives a smooth transition to the progressive cup profile. Surprisingly, we picked the unique tualang honey flavour at a lower temperature, which gives Pak Aziz's lot coffee the distinct character of natural Indonesian coffee.

The Producer

Buying directly from the source allows us to source the best coffee that we can find from Sumatra, Indonesia. This is our second year working with coffee producer Rukun Saudara Tani, run by Pak Aziz. He is also a coffee farmer who owns a coffee farm at an elevation of 1400-1700 m. The high elevation and cool climate make it an ideal location to grow high-quality coffee.

Pak Aziz is our latest direct trade partner and is solely focused on producing specialty coffee grades. His facility is equipped with a fermentation tank, pulper, and greenhouse drying space. On top of his masterclass producing coffee skill, it is thumbs of rules producing specialty coffee. This particular lot was specially produced for Arkib. Due to the small production numbers,  Pak Aziz keeps this lot harvested solely for Arkib. It is a privilege to have a fine Kerinci selection in our offering.

    • Cupping Score 87.50pts

      honeydew, tualang honey, cocoa, maple syrup, concord grape, fruits, leather, strawberry

      prune, strawberry candy, apple, violet

      concord grape, maple syrup, tualang honey, unsweetened chocolate, violet, candy, grape

      clean, lingering, aromatic, soft winey

      medium | citrus,  complex, pineapple,  grape, tart, jammy

      medium | smooth, round

      complex, clean, high flavour clarity, composed, well balanced,progressive

      deep and complex grape flavour, intense chocolate taste`
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      Roasting on every Wednesday

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      Roasting on every Sunday

      Delivery on next day
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