<center>IRMAS PEREIRA<br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>
    <center>IRMAS PEREIRA<br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>


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What's Interesting

Brazil coffee has made remarkable appearance in Specialty Coffee industry when Emi Fukahori won Coffee Brewers Cup Championship in 2018. Out of common coffee that been used in competition, Emi choose to use Brazil coffee from Daterra farm. Since then world has take note on Brazil specialty coffee and we have seen many good Brazil specialty coffee has been produced.

We heard about Carmo Coffee when Luis Paola (son's of Rogeria Pereira) won 2019 COE farm competition. Since then we have been trying to sourcing coffee from his family farm and we managed to hand on small amount of anaerobic natural process coffee. This coffee is truly eyed opening for us on Brazil specialty coffee future. It has taste of soft citrus acidity like muscat and white grapes. While the coffee sweetness taste like hazelnut with creamy texture. We really enjoy to roast and brew this coffee. It tastes great either for morning coffee or coffee-break.

How To Brew

This coffee is best at medium coarse grind size to allow acidity shine bit more than hazelnut sweetness. We recommend to use lower brew ratio than 1:15 to get enough flavors intensity. On V60 this coffee has superb creamy texture with slightly snappy acidity of white grapes. Try keep it more than 2 pour step to avoid under extract your coffee. We also highly recommend brewing using Syphon if you more complex than what V60 can offer. Happy brewing!