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Burst of Tropical Fruits

More to natural Kenya coffee, that how we end up getting our second natural coffee after Rui Ruiru natural. This is second wet-mill or factory that we know offcially produced natural process coffee beside Rui Ruiru. Kahiraini possesed top notch coffee even just new to natural process.

Our senses were completely blown away by Kahiraini's complexity and unique aroma. The clean flavour of Kahiraini Natural is one attribute that sets it apart. It took meticulous work and extra care during processing to deliver this level of cup quality.

Tropical fruits like watermelon syrup and honeydew have a refreshing flavour that simply amazes us. The scent has a little fermented aroma that reminds me of bubble gum. Interestingly, Kahiraini Natural offers the elegant tastes of honeydew, watermelon syrup, and dried mixed berries.

The Producer

Mathira North Co-op is among the earliest producers of natural and anaerobic coffee. For a long time, Kenyan coffee producers were only allowed to produce fully washed coffee. This natural-process coffee opens up new market segments and a new Kenyan coffee profile. In the recent harvest, we also purchased natural Kenyan coffee, which came from one of Mathira's wet mills, Kahiraini.

Kahiraini wet mill got interested in producing natural coffee after being influenced by Rui Ruiru's success story of producing natural and anaerobic coffee. Like the Rui Ruiru wetmill, Kahiraini has not been in operation for almost 10 years.

Reviving a dead coffee wet mill is not for the faint of heart. It took lots of work and effort to bring Kahiraini Alaive back again. With almost 200 active farmers around the wet mill, they will begin to produce natural process lots in 2023, and this crop is the freshest natural Kenyan that you can taste.

  • Cupping Score 88.25pts

    watermelon, strawberry, mixed berries, blueberry cheese cake, milkshake, vanilla

    watermelon, port wine, bubblegum, melon, blueberries, honeydew, honeycomb

    watermelon syrup, vanilla , honeydew, dried mixed berries, vanilla, dark chocolate

    lingering berries fruity finishing

    citrus I medium, complex , black currant, cherry

    medium high I full, round

    complex, layering, deep, harmony and synergy cup profile

    progressive and dynamic flavour profile. amazing clean, fruity and delicate natural coffee

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