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The Rise To The Ocassion.

Rui Ruiru wet-mill marked a historic moment being officially the first factory/wet-mill that produce natural and anaerobic. They also achieved another milestones by exporting this new process coffee to international buyer. Through our partnership with Crowd Farm Africa, we have been succesfully sourcing this coffee continously for almost 2 year.

The coffee quality produced by Rui Ruiru, especially through the anaerobic process transcends any Kenyan coffee we have ever tried. The fresh harvest gives more flavour clarity and a consistent taste. The deep berry flavour and complex and progressive taste profile showcase another side of Kenyan coffee. With a taste that has almost the same uniqueness as natural Ethiopia but with a more harmonious taste profile. It is a blessing in the sky to get our hands on this coffee.

The Producer

Mathira North Co-op is among the earliest producers of natural and anaerobic coffee. For a long time, Kenyan coffee producers were only allowed to produce fully washed coffee. This natural-process coffee opens up new market segments and a new Kenyan coffee profile. In the recent harvest, we purchased Rui Ruiru natural anaerobic coffee, which came from one of Mathira's wet mills, which is Rui Ruiru.

Rui Ruiru wet mill has a long coffee-producing history. Between 1963 and 2014, Rui Ruiru was a producer of high-quality coffee. In 2014, the wet mill died, and farmers stopped delivering coffee for lack of payment. This situation caused the machinery to rust, a termite infestation destroyed the office and drying beds, and vegetation took over the entire wet mill in 2020.

Reviving a dead coffee wet mill is not for the faint of heart. After closing down in 2014 due to mismanagement that caused issues in paying back the farmers, Jamii Coffee made an effort to bring the Rui Ruiru wet mill back to life. Beside increasing their pay for full red cherries, they also venture into uncommon processes like natural and anaerobic.It is our hope to show the world what Kenya can offer as a specialty coffee producer.

  • Cupping Score 87.75pts

    strawberry, hazelnut, prune, cookies, dried fruits, black grape, vanilla pod, raisin, floral

    strawberry, vanilla, raisin , mango, pandan leaf, cherry

    vanilla pod, raisin, prune , strawberry, mixed berries, blackberry

    strawberry finishing, lingering

    medium high | malic, complex, delicate

    medium low I smooth, hazelnut

    structured, composed, well balance, pointed high flavour clarity

    sweet and fragrance Kenyan coffee. packed with strawberry and vanilla taste.

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