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Top Notes
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Pinnacle of Clarity

Lovely freshly harvested crop from Kenya! Rukira AA is an example of pinnacle Kenya coffee quality. Such a brilliant coffee with high flavour clarity and a pointed coffee taste This is our second year working with our partner Crowd Farm Africa to continuously source fine coffee selections from the Rukira wet mill. The coffee comes in AA and AB grades, which refer to bean size. AB is green bean size, with a screen size of 16.

The AA bean size is widely recognised as Kenyan coffee's finest grade. This is a good example of how Rukira AA offers much better flavour complexity and clarity than Rukira AB. The aroma of intense dried flowers with lemon verbena sweetness and citrus and floral notes amazed us. The coffee flavour has the distinctive flavour of juicy Kenyan coffee and superior citrus acidity. Surprisingly, Rukira AA has a texture that changes as it cools, going from having a tea-like character to having a creamy body. The 2023 crop of this washed Kenyan coffee is one of our best. We could not be happier with Rukira's AA quality.

The Producer

The Rukira wet mill and factory have 800 members, 600 of whom are actively harvesting and delivering to the processing centre. Ample water supplies in Rukira allowed the factory to wash and soak their coffee multiple times with cold river water. All coffee was dried on an African raised bed that helps maintain a clean cup and flavour consistency.

  • Cupping Score 88.25pts

    peach, panela, flower tea, sweet coffee blossom, nectar, lemon candy

    lemon leaf, lavender, peach, lemon candy, rhubarb, dried flower

    lemon verbena, lemon candy, peach, vanilla ice-cream, white grape

    long, lingering, lemon finishing

    medium high | juicy, bright, citrus

    medium low | smooth, tea-like, creamy, silky

    harmony, pointed,  high flavour clarity, well balance, constructed

    outstanding washed  Kenya coffee with juicy citrus fruits quality and creamy texture
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