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What's Interesting

We remember classic Colombia as sweet and bright acidity. While sweetness is more toward milk chocolate make it popular choice for any coffee drinker or roaster. Most of espresso blend coffee from Colombia will be brand as regional blend coffee. In normal case regional blend coffee will come from various farm and produced in bulk. This will ease burden of coffee farmers who lack of facility to process their coffee and help to reduce cost for bigger production.

For us this kind of coffee is economical yet suitable coffee to represent Colombia coffee taste as sweet coffee in general. We quite impressed with this La Manuela quality which give sensation of pomegranate and grapefruit acidity. With milk it tastes so creamy and aftertaste is sticky and lingering. Overall it is balance cup and you can't go wrong with any brewing method. We personally prefer this coffee as milk based coffee. Try flat white, let the coffee sweetness make your smile sweeter.

How To Brew

On espresso try use lower dosage 13g - 14.5g for double shot. Our roast is quite soluble to maximize the coffee extraction. If you prefer 'kick' espresso go for double risteretto. We prefer full espresso shot with ratio 1:1.5 for a balance cup. Perfect for long black or white coffee. Or just do whatever you like this coffee will still taste good.