<center>BETULIA LUIS ANIBAL<br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>
    <center>BETULIA LUIS ANIBAL<br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>


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What's Interesting

This is our 4th Pink Bourbon for this year. If Geisha is an obsession for many so called coffee lover, Arkib Kopi happily to settle down with Pink Bourbon. As much we love micro lot or competition level coffee there is nothing can beat a cup of coffee that make you smile. Out of 4 Pink that we bought none of it failed to put happiness in our drinking experience. Luis Anibal Pink Bourbon is our 2nd coffee break to our 90pt coffee score after Bolivia Trapiche natural.

The most exciting part is where we taste combination of lychee and raspberry taste. The clarity of stone fruits and tropical fruits acidity made this fully washed coffee really stood out in cupping session. We can't forget how the aroma smell sweet caramel like creme brulee and still remain enjoyable in after taste.Luis Anibal Pink Bourbon has high clarity taste with structured flavors which make your daily brew more enjoyable compare to complex cup profile that commonly being used in competition.

How To Brew


Brewing intense flavors coffee can be quite tricky. We decided to take moderate approach by using medium grind size (EK 9.0 setting) and moderate brew ration 1:17. Our goals so highlight fruits acidity since we roasted this coffee at medium light. Using 3 pouring steps and moderate water flow we aiming to get moderate speed extraction to create delicate texture. Good coffee will taste good no matter how you brew. We encourage our home brewers to explore beyond the limit especially when you have an excellent coffee such Luis Anibal Pink Bourbon.