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What's Interesting

Panama known as top tier coffee producer. Name like La Esmeralda, Elida Family, Janson Family and another few producers are the best coffee producer known to specialty coffee world. But personally fro me, the best Panama coffee that i tried come from historical Finca Lerida in Chiriqui. Inherited such a precious history, Lerida was opened by ex-engineer Mr Tollef Bache Monnicher who is also responsible to build Suez Canal.

I used this coffee to compete in brewers cup back in 2017 using Pacamara Natural. It was a memorable coffee that i ever had, extremely complex berries and tropical fruits notes such as raspberry, huckleberry, pineapple, fuji apple and sandalwood finishing. Finca Lerida manager was kind enough to inform us that they been using a mechanical drying machinge (quite rare for small producer due to high cost for purchase) to get precise green bean moisture. This machine allow them to process coffee at high elevation even in extreme weather. Mr Monnicher also has invented some processing equipment like siphon to filter out bad coffee cherries and still in use until nowadays. Finca Lerida thought us the difference between who well equipped knowledge coffee farmer and common coffee farmer.

We are happy to have Catuai varietal from Finca Lerida for May selection. Catuai know for a subtle coffee flavors and delicate finishing. Most of the time we taste coffee flavors close to tea like flavors and this coffee is fantastic with honey roasted peanuts, raspberry and juicy body.When it comes to a balance cup kindly include Panama coffee like Finca La Lerida catuai. A kind of coffee that you will drink anytime at any day.

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