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Suara Air

Suara Air

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  • Capturing The Essence

    Introducing Suara Air, double packs of exotic Geisha coffee varietals that showcase the uniqueness of the specialty coffee world. Known as a high-quality coffee varietal, Geisha is an excellent coffee selection for coffee connoisseurs who are seeking an adventurous and exciting coffee experience.

    Featuring coffee from reputable specialty coffee producers, the box contained two packs of roasted beans from Colombia: Omar Arano Fully Washed and El Girasol Geisha Sunflower Fully Washed. You can enjoy the beauty of aromatic, fruity, tea-like, and long-lasting aftertastes thanks to fully washed coffee, which unlocks the clarity of coffee flavour.

    Utilising the latest technology in roasting and many years of expertise in roasting, we meticulously roasted it at a light roast to preserve its quality and longevity and also bring out the optimal potential of Geisha coffee. Experience the taste of exotic varietals with clean processing methods that bring out the flavour of terroir.
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Colombia Geisha Finca San Luis

Finca Sa Luis is an exceptional coffee farm from Libano, Tolima, that we know practices organic farming to produce Geisha coffee. Located near the Ecuadorian border and at high altitude, Finca San has an ideal microclimate and fertile soil for growing high-quality coffee.

Omar Arano Tinoco, the owner and producer, has a passion for specialty coffee. This small microlot is an anaerobic washed coffee with 36 hours of anaerobic fermentation in a hermetic seal. The coffee was pulped, washed, and dried on a raised bed for another 2 weeks.

This Geisha quality is defined as being finely floral and fruity. Unlimited deliciouness.

Colombia Geisha Sunflower Finca El Girasol

Geisha has been one of the most sought-after coffee varietals by many coffee lovers. Through our partnership and direct trade with Colombia Coffee Hunter, we came across Finca El Girasol coffee. Empowering a young and passionate coffee producer, Robertson Diaz fulfilled his duty as a coffee producer by producing such a fantastic Geisha Sunflower.

This coffee went through double fermentation: 36 hours of natural aerobic and another 16 hours of honey aerobic. The coffee was finally washed and dried on a raised bed until it achieved ideal moisture. The fermentation technique suits Robertson's Geisha, which gives it a delicate, floral, and well-balanced flavour.

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