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Arkib Kopi is always  bringing in exciting & amazing coffee selection. With Terang SO subscription you will get 2 bags of our latest single origin (SO) filter roast coffee personally curated by our head coffee roaster Helmi.

After offering Terang-SO more than 2 years, we want to bring our subscription to another level. Moving forward we are focusing on delivering the best coffee drinking experience. This including featuring some exclusive coffee selection such as exotic varietals and microlot. We believe with better coffee selection our subscriber will elevate their specialty coffee experience to new dimension. May subscription featuring the finest coffee selection from Guatemala and Kenya. The first selection come from El Pinal Estate. Guatemala knows for syrupy body, it is such exciting moment to see local coffee producer venture into exotic coffee production. This coffee came from new geisha coffee plantation, and it has lots of potential producing great coffee. The second selection featuring coffee from 'rockstar' coffee origin Kenya. While most of Kenya known for juicy and striking acidity cup profile, we love to showcase another dynamic flavour of Kenya coffee. This particular lot form Ndudu Factory in Embu, producing floral and fruity acidity coffee. It is more balance and well-rounded cup which deliver more enjoyable and excellent daily coffee. With these 2 selection, Terang-SO will deliver our goal to share the beauty of specialty coffee with Arkib audience.


Specialty is like 2 sides of coin. On one side it give appreciation toward coffee quality which increase the coffee value. Indirectly this has created movement in entire supply chain to pay more for their coffee in return of quality. The other  side is some coffee with never change the stigma of quality that origin can deliver. Yes, that's the ugly truth. Origin like Guatemala, Brazil or Peru have been going through this situation for long period. When there are farmers that willing to accept the challenge changing the narrative of their coffee, we as specialty coffee roaster feel obligated to be onboard with coffee producers too. This lead us to choose El Pinal Estate Geisha Washed as our first May Terang-SO selection.

The producer Abel Valladre has been working as an agricultural product for 18 years. He finally bought his own farm in the mid 1990s. The farm location located at both altitude and climate that is suitable to grow good quality coffee. Started with small farm El Centro in 1994, now he owns 48 hectares of land. The coffee farm now divided into 4 farm including El Pinal, En Centro, El Muro and Linda Vista. The first geishvariety was planted in 2013 and the first harvest was in 2016. The coffee won multiple awards in Cup of Excellence competition. It is proof of their hard work and perseverance continued to prove great result.

Cupping Notes: Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, Jasmine, Apricot



If Ethiopia celebrated by commercial coffee lover, we dare to stay specialty coffee lover will celebrate Kenya coffee as much we celebrate Ethiopia coffee too. Both have excellent quality, and we believe in each has their own personality. When it comes Kenya, the story will become smallholders farmer and a wet-mill or cooperative. Our second selection featuring washed coffee from Ndudna factory. The wet mill receive at cherry from roughly 439 producers who farm on the land surrounding the factory in ManyattaEmbu Country. Ndunda Factory is managed by Kithunguru Farmer's Cooperative society.

Managing quality is not easy task for Ndundu Factory, all delivered handpicked red cherries will be meticulously sorted. All sorting is overseen by the cherry clerk, who ensure that is only ripe, undamaged cherry is received. The cherries pulped by eco pulper and fermented in tank for overnight. Once fermentation is done the cherry washed in fresh water. The wet parchment dried on raised bed for 10 to -18 days.

Flavors: Jasmine, Chamomile, Grape, Grapefruit, Long Aftertaste

Next coffee subscription roasting and delivery date 

Option: (a) 2 bags X 100 grams   RM60
             (b) 2 bags X 200 grams  RM115

Next Subscription Roasting Date: 09/05/2022

Delivery Date: 10/05/2022


a)Cut-off date for subscription is 30th every month. Any subscription after cut-off date will enroll in next cycle of monthly coffee subscription.

b)Once subscription has been confirmed and delivered we will not refund purchased subscribed coffee. If you would like to cancel the subscription please cancel the subscription before cut-off date.

c)The subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel it. We highly recommend to use credit card for smooth transaction.