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Arkib Kopi is always  bringing in exciting & amazing coffee selection. With Terang SO subscription you will get 2 bags of our latest single origin (SO) filter roast coffee personally curated by our head coffee roaster Helmi.

When it come to December offering, we are bit dwelled with what kind of selection we want to offer. On monthly basis Terang-SO offer the best experimental coffee that sit in our roastery. We gradually miss classic or orthodox such natulra, fully washed or honey coffee. We feel in some way it really show the purity of coffee flavour. Taste profiled craftedby god shaped by nature. So decided to offee clean and citrus drived Rwanda fully washed coffee and extremely high reputation Tade GG G1 coffee from Shakisso. In glance it sound like normal coffee but deep down it hold precious story.

1) Rwanda Busanze

Rwanda is one of the difficult challenge coffee to sourcing. Due to high reputation of potato defect taste, finding clean and bright acidity is kind of miracle. Lucky we discover one of the wet mill of Busanze has been our favorite through these 4 years. Short story, Hihanga coffee produced by Gihanga Coffee Company come form Mbizi washing station. There are around 300 women coffee farmer around Mbizi washing station working together to producer this beautiful coffee. We feel good to buy and offer a coffee that supporting women coffee producer. We are hoping more significant women coffee producer number in coffee industry to bring more prosperity to coffee community.

Rwanda know as red fruits character coffee but this year harvest shown a slightly unique Rwanda coffee taste. Maintain Rwanda signature lively citrus sensation, Busan has excellent quality of floral and the acidity remind us of green apple. The quality of texture is lean toward syrupy and honey. It kind of quality that we are looking for to pair for omni roast coffee.

Cupping Notes: Floral, Green Apple, Cherry, Nectarine, Grapefruit, Honey, Syrup

2) Ethiopia Tade GG G1 

When sourcing for natural left with choice either going for Panama or Ethiopia.Panama know as land of competition coffee has never lacked of top notch coffee selection. But when you had such a mind blowing experience with normal natural Ethiopia, it must be a memorable memory. That' how we describe Ethiopia Tade GG. Came from Shakisso region, it enjoy slightly freedom granted by government for them to sell their coffee international buyer. This encourage washing station like Shakisso to process a certain microlot coffee like Tade GG which is belong to small farmer Tesfaye Degaga.

Natural Ethiopia tend to produce deep and heavy winey. But it lack in flavor quality and clarity. But we start to see a change when coffee farmers start to imp lent specialty coffee standard harvest practice. The natural process coffee test result was significantly imporove. It blend of tropical fruits and candy. Both are good but you can only choose one.

Flavors:  Tropical Fruits. Candy, Blueberry, Vanilla, Black Sugar

Next coffee subscription roasting and delivery date 
Option: (a) 2 bags X 100 grams   RM50
             (b) 2 bags X 200 grams  RM100

Next Subscription Roasting Date: 02/12/2021

Delivery Date: 03/12/2021


a)Cut-off date for subscription is 30th every month. Any subscription after cut-off date will enroll in next cycle of monthly coffee subscription.

b)Once subscription has been confirmed and delivered we will not refund purchased subscribed coffee. If you would like to cancel the subscription please cancel the subscription before cut-off date.

c)The subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel it. We highly recommend to use credit card for smooth transaction.