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Arkib Kopi is always bringing in exciting & amazing coffee selection. With this subscription you will get 2 bags of our latest Single Origin (SO) filter coffee personally curated by our head roaster Helmi.

August selection will be featuring: 

1) Costa Rica La Lia

Central America is fascinating coffee region for specialty coffee lover. Name any fancy coffee you can imagine, Central America will never let you go home with empty hand. We have been dig into Costa Rica coffee for the couple past years. Our first coffee came from this country and it was White Honey Process from small micromill La Lia which founded by Luis Alberto and Oscar Adolfo Monge.

Honey process is defined by how much mucilage/fruits that remain on the bean. The more it remains, the darker the 'honey' color it will be. White honey. This coffee went through white honey process which nearly all the fruit scrubbed off the seed. This process gives a refined flavors and laser focus flavors coffee.

2) Kenya Kikai AB

We love juicy coffee and when come to conversation of juicy coffee you can't put Kenya coffee away. Known for bright and juicy coffee, Kenya coffee easily win any true coffee drinker lover. For August offering we did poll at instagram story between choosing Ethiopia and Kenya. Our fan simply choose Kenya over Ethiopia and we are very happy to source Kenya Kikai AB from Kikai Coffee Factory. Coffee factory is different name for cooperative in Kenya.

In general Kenya coffee will be sold in 3 different grade AA, AB and Peaberry. The AA grade marks represent the biggest screen size (17-18) and being said the finest Kenya arabica beans due to high aromatic oil contain and bright acidity. Arkib Kopi pick this coffee to deliver the 'benchmark' taste of fine specialty Kenya fully washed coffee.

Next coffee subscription roasting and delivery date 
Option: (a) 2 bags X 100 grams   RM50
             (b) 2 bags X 200 grams  RM100

August Subscription Roasting Date: 03/08/2020

Delivery Date: 04/08/2020


a)Cut-off date for subscription is 30th every month. Any subscription after cut-off date will enroll in next cycle of monthly coffee subscription.

b)The subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel it. We highly recommend to use credit card for smooth transaction.