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Arkib Kopi is always  bringing in exciting & amazing coffee selection. With Terang SO subscription you will get 2 bags of our latest single origin (SO) filter roast coffee personally curated by our head coffee roaster Helmi.

It is been a while since we have African coffee selection on Terang-SO selection. Now we are back with 2 stellar coffee from our favorite coffee region Ethiopia and Rwanda. Both are clean, fruity and progressive cup profile. It is a good coffee for coffee brewers enthusiast to dig deep into origin flavors.

1) Ethiopia Bensa Shantawane Peaberry Natural


Arkib Kopi consistently buying Ethiopia coffee on monthly basis. Throughout our coffee buying experience we have encountered few outstanding Ethiopia coffee producer. It does not matter which coffee you are buying from them, it is definitely mouth watering coffee flavors. Daya Bensa is one of outstanding producer in our favorite list. Won 7th place in 2020 Ethiopian competition and many coffee awards, Daya Bensa is a good role model of excellent coffee producer for other Ethiopia coffee farmers.

Ethiopia coffee usually sold based on grade such as G1,G2,G3 and G4. It is rare to see Ethiopian coffee sold separately in Peaberry size. This type of grading is common for Kenya coffee and it is interesting to see Daya Bensa adapt new approach in producing their coffee. Expect complex tropical fruits flavors such as raspberry, nectar and honey.").

Flavors: Raspberry, Nectar, Honey, Complex

2) Rwanda Busanze Fully Washed

Sometime we love a coffee between fully washed Kenya and Ethiopia coffee. Something fruity but not too juicy, vibrant coffee taste and delicate finishing. Rwanda is perfect choice for this kind of coffee. We remember Rwanda as red fruits coffee where you can easily pick up flavors such as cranberry, lemon and orange juice. Most of Rwanda coffee is fully washed which has contributed to clean acidity, structured body and well balance flavors.

Busanze is new washing station started in 2018 located in Nyarugu district. The coffee has been grown under agro-forestry system, with high level of biodiversity, while ensuring the conservation of natural resources through good agricultural practise. No surprise through good farm practise, Busanze won 7th place in Rwanda COE Competition in 2018

Flavors: Flora, Tangerine, Peach, Lemon Peel, Chocolate

Next coffee subscription roasting and delivery date 
Option: (a) 2 bags X 100 grams   RM50
             (b) 2 bags X 200 grams  RM100

October Subscription Roasting Date: 01/12/2020

Delivery Date: 02/12/2020


a)Cut-off date for subscription is 30th every month. Any subscription after cut-off date will enroll in next cycle of monthly coffee subscription.

b)The subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel it. We highly recommend to use credit card for smooth transaction.