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Arkib Kopi is always  bringing in exciting & amazing coffee selection. With Terang SO subscription you will get 2 bags of our latest single origin (SO) filter roast coffee personally curated by our head coffee roaster Helmi.

We are always trying to get 2 different regions in our monthly selection. For March delivery we have unique coffee varietal Pache from Guatemala and all time favorite Costa Rica white honey coffee. Pache is a natural Typica mutation and very interesting coffee varietal to try and white honey Costa Rica is our personal pick for your daily brew. Hope you enjoy these selections and keep explore the coffee flavor like we are exploring new coffee for Terang-SO. Cheers!

1) Guatemala Guaillermo Juarez Pache Fully Washed

Among Central American coffee we feel Guatemala is underrated region. Usually Guatemala is popular choice for espresso based coffee not really for filter coffee selection. Recently we bought few outstanding coffee selection from Guatemala and we feel there is new improvement of in terms of coffee flavors come from the latest Guatemala crop.Insted a bold and sryupy coffee, it tastes more balance citrus flavors with prominent sugar sweetness. We are excited to experience this kind of Guatemala coffee. For Terang-SO March selection we choose to feature unique Pache varietal from La Bugambilia.

This unique varietel is natural Typica varietal mutation. It was discoreved in 1949 in Guatemala on the Brito farm in Santa Cruz Naranjo, Santa Rosa. The coffee tree is smaller (dwarfism) than normal Typica tree. It produces medium yield but has high cup quality. We think it is interesting for our subscriber to experience new coffee varietal on monthly basis. We believe this coffee will deliver new perception of Guatemala coffee to coffee drinker as good filter coffee selection.

Cupping Notes: Papaya, Citrus, Nougat, Dill

2) Costa Rica Francisco Mena White Honey

We have love hate relationship with Costa Rica coffee. It is one of the most challenging coffee to roast due to it high density. Hence, we often fall in love with Costa Rica coffee. The tactile and viscosity of Costa Rica coffee is second to none. It always has thick honey texture which we find quite hard to replicate on other coffee region. That what lead us to 2nd Terang-SO coffee selection. We choose to feature a white honey process Francisco Mena farm.

Costa Rica is a holy grail for small batch coffee producer. Small producer like Francisco Mena rely on micromill such as Sumava to process his coffee. In general few farmers will build, share and utilize together their own micro mill. This allow them to be more in control when during harvest season. White honey is referring to zero mucilage thickness. Costa Rica honey process usually defined by percentage of mucilage thickness. White honey process meaning coffee has been dried with no mucilage which contribute to clean taste profile and bright acidity.

Flavors: Dried Cherrt, Red Wine, Cinnamon

Next coffee subscription roasting and delivery date 
Option: (a) 2 bags X 100 grams   RM50
             (b) 2 bags X 200 grams  RM100

October Subscription Roasting Date: 01/03/2021

Delivery Date: 02/03/2021


a)Cut-off date for subscription is 30th every month. Any subscription after cut-off date will enroll in next cycle of monthly coffee subscription.

b)The subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel it. We highly recommend to use credit card for smooth transaction.