<center>TESFAYE DEGAGA</br>TADE G1</center>
    <center>TESFAYE DEGAGA</br>TADE G1</center>


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What's Interesting

It is a bless to start 2020 with a fresh crop coffee from Ethiopia. This year coffee harvest season is slightly late due to delayed rain season. But we managed to get fresh crop coffee from Tade coffee farm owned by Tesfaye Bekele Degaga. When it comes to Ethiopia coffee everyone know @arkib.kl is a fan boy of natural process coffee. This particular coffee is the finest coffee you can get from excellent natural Ethiopian coffee.

I tried coffee from Tade farm for quite sometime and I'm still able to recall how it tastes thanks to coffee deliciousness that lingering in my mind. Tade coffee has a signature cup profile of high clarity and intense flavors. We are preferred keep this coffee at slightly lighter roast since it has more my favorite taste notes such as guava, watermelon, lychee and milk chocolate.

How To Brew

Tesfaye Degaga coffee is definitely will be in our top 3 all time favorite coffee. What make it different from common from other Ethiopia coffee is guava flavor and mint aftertaste. So we chose V60 as our main brewing tools to emphasize these qualities. By using coarser grind size we able to extract fine acidity with medium body sweetness. This will help you easily to achieve melon texture which very nice to combine with guava flavor. Keep moderate or slow pouring speed to allow gentle extraction from coffee bed.